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WaveForm Hull

WaveForm refers to the cross sections of a hull that are shaped like a wave. Applied Concepts is one of the only firms in the world skilled at designing with this technology. If you look at a WaveForm Hull™ from the bow or stern it is clearly different from typical hulls. Typical hull sections are either a straight line from the chine to the keel or have a simple curve that is either convex or concave.

A WaveForm Hull™ has both convexity and concavity, typically with the convexity closest to the keel. The manipulation of these forms throughout the hull bottom provides for the desired performance characteristics requested by an owner and the captain. Stability, load carrying, water flow patterns, trim, anti-roll, fuel efficiency, wave entry and planing speed are a few of the parameters that can be tuned utilizing this technology.

WaveForm hulls can range in top speed from 40 to 60+ knots, but are not known as much for their top speed as much as for how fast they can go in rough conditions comfortably. WaveForm hulls are typically designed by Applied Concepts without lifting strakes since the form itself is used to create lift and redirect wave action and water flow. There have been several WaveForm hulls built with stepped bottoms.

WaveForm hulls have been around for a long time and became very popular during the era of seaplane development for WWII. Imagine trying to keep ocean water from spraying into airplane engines while providing for a stable, fast and low impact ride for an airframe . . . . WaveForm hulls are the answer. There are hundreds of WaveForm hulls on the water today that are respected for being amongst the best performers in the world.