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About Our Company:

Bob Mormile, a visionary multi-business owner and founder of Intensity Boat Works, is a licensed captain with a love for sports fishing. His relentless passion has escalated him through the years from being a production fishing boat owner, to an intense captain that continues to push the limits in custom boat building. Though Bob's commitment for fishing is evident, his accomplishments outside the world of fishing are impeccable.

As a distinguished business owner of 25 years, he has created three full service companies serving the packaging industry under one suite, VT Group. The VT Group is a design and manufacturing company for the P.O.P display industry that can service many needs. Currently, Bob is well represented in the packaging industry as an innovative risk taker with an 'all about the customers' approach. His recent presence with Intensity boat works has already taken form to qualities along the same lines. He is committed to making sure each project is done to the customer needs and in the most efficient way.

Captain John Ball has been master carpenter since 1979 specializing in high-end finish work and custom construction. He has been sport fishing for over 20 years and has dedicated himself into the realm of building custom fishing boats by learning from the likes of distinguished North Carolina boat building. John was also charter captain for build #1 with Intensity Sportfishing filling his void to 'find the fish' throughout the east coast. In 2003, John has established his roll as Project Manager with Intensity Boat Works in order to pursue the meticulous field of custom boat builders. For some offshore fishing is considered a hobby; however to Captain John Ball it's a lifestyle that few venture to pass.


Bob Mormile and Captain John Ball have been friends and fishing partners for many years. Running a charter business together then starting Intensity Boat Works in 2006 has put Bob and John in pursuit of filling their obsession for offshore fishing and building custom yachts. Together, with the vision of owner Bob Mormile and the craftsmanship and ingenuity of John Ball, they have created boats that have become the talk of the East Coast Fishing Circuit. Though just completed Hull#1 under Intensity Boat Works, with custom building experience on previous custom Carolina Hull, Intensity Boat works has made a fast name for them within a competitive industry. Experience is an understatement when it comes to the years involved in the fishing industry. Bob and John have been competing in numerous top notch fishing tournaments up and down the east coast which in turn helped them utilize a fine network of professional captains and mates. Their network has also lead them to team up with leading yacht design firm, Applied Concepts Unleashed, in order to help create sport fishing yachts with a great comfort, sexy designs, and personality in mind.

Intensity Boat Works prides itself on quality and perfection; incorporating the latest technology and techniques where no part of the production process gets overlooked.