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Custom Toe Rail - CAD/CAM Engineered - CNC Router

Intensity Boat Works introduces a new way to outfit your yacht with our development of a Machined Custom Toe Rail. Through a series of stages, we will take the shape of your boat to mechanically design and custom fit a toe rail per your specifications. Each toe rail is calculated through CAM/CAD engineering software that enables us to precisely match your taste. In order to insure accuracy, a foam replica of your custom toe rail will be formed, fitted and approved before fabricating the final hardwood pieces. After all designs are approved, we then use our Weeke BHP 200 CNC router to accurately shape your toe rail in a fraction of the time.

Our process enables us to eliminate much of the meticulous and time consuming hand work of the past traditional methods. Machined toe rails provide the symmetric accuracy that the next generation of custom boats demand. The speed of the machine process will keep your project on its projected schedule.

Toe Rail Design Process:

1. Receive CAD File of your boat

2. Design Offset Boat Contour

3. Cut 2D Boat Contour (Luan)
     a. Send design and fit

4. Design Custom Shape
     a. Send .pdf of shape design

5. Design Shape and Boat Contour

6. Cut 2 1/2 D Shape and Contour (foam)
     a. Send cuts and fit

7. Cut final shape (Hardwood)
     a. Deliver final cuts